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Let me unravel the dilemma for you

Well, it ain’t no Rocket Science! But having said that, winning on Social Media is a strategic task that needs a cognitive approach. Understanding what your customers want and giving them an offer they can’t refuse, is an overall outcome of a proper Social Media strategy for a business. Not just organically, but an equally competent paid marketing strategy is required to make a successful Social Media Marketing campaign.  

And for that, I am here to get you through all the challenges and make your brand stand out and get your profit as well. 

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As more and more platforms seem to be withdrawing the organic reach, paid advertising and performance marketing approach has surely caught the eyes of businesses, entrepreneurs and us as marketers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram now leverage their advertising platforms and help businesses to reach their customers. With alone Facebook ads, you have the power to reach anybody on the planet, who is using either Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Check out the benefits of employing Facebook and Instagram Ads for your business- 

  • An extremely affordable form of advertising as compared to traditional alternatives.
  • Achieve not just a good reach in your audience, but also generate your brand awareness, get sales and defined conversions, leads for your business, traffic and digital footfalls, etc.
  • Reach your exact target audience based on geographics, demographics, interests and online behaviors.
  • Unlike traditional marketing mediums, digital marketing, and social media advertising also give us the ability to follow-up with the audience that showed a certain amount of engagement with your brand. This is called ‘Remarketing’, and it enhances not just better conversions but also increases the brand recall value of a business.
  • Apart from just advertising to your audience, you also get to analyze their response with a lot of statistics and data, by understanding your business’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and optimizing for better results.
  • You can apply the right marketing and sales funnels with Facebook Advertising, by which you don’t just acquire customers, but make them your longterm consumers. 


A digitally automated system,  that runs your business on auto-pilot! 

In today’s times of lessened attention spans and equally rising competition, it has become vital to create an engaging customer experience with an easy buying journey. Customer engagement, customer experience and the overall trust of a customer on the brand have been put on the ultimate pedestal of the marketing world. 

Here’s where ‘Sales Funnels’ come into the scene. 

In absolute layman’s terms, a Sales Funnel in the context of Digital Marketing is a series of steps you take your audience through until they become your customer, which in technical terms is referred to as a ‘Conversion’. 

You don’t just stop at advertising to the audience just once. We are going digital, and digital needs to be smart! When it comes to applying sales funnels into Social Media Marketing, there are a lot of phases that a funnel consists of. 

  • A traffic source, that brings us all the probable prospects to our business. In the case of digital advertising and online sales funnels, Facebook and Instagram ads are the traffic sources to bring our audience to our business. 
  • Then comes a landing page, where all the visitors coming from out advertising land on. This is the first place where we educate the audience about us, our business and how we can add value to them. Again, landing pages on the web are not Rocket Science either! I use and recommend ClickFunnels, which makes life so much easier. 
  • Once our audience is well informed, they are prompted to take our desired action. This is what we call as a ‘Call-to-Action’. This can be anything ranging from purchasing a product or a service, opting in for a consultation or an event, etc.
  • Once someone becomes your customer, your job is not finished yet. You need to nurture them, keep informing them, educate them and build a sense of trust in them. Owing to these efforts, they eventually turn out to be your life-long customers and also your brand’s vivid followers.
  • And what about the ones who saw you, showed some interest but didn’t go down the funnel? Enters Remarketing. As said earlier, you don’t give up on those you missed out to convert to your customers. With the right remarketing practices, you again loop them in the sales cycle and make sure they convert as well.

Does all of this overwhelm you?  

Are you still worrying about how your business can employ the same marketing strategies and get dramatic results out of it? 

Do you want someone to take your business to greater heights with Social Media Marketing? 

Well, hold your horses back and all the questions that arise. I am here to cross out each of your doubts regarding Social Media Marketing for your business.  

It’s time for you to take action!  

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Personal Branding

And I’m all set to Make You A Brand!

Being a Digital Marketing expert and a Personal Branding consultant for several years now, I have helped Entrepreneurs and Individuals stand out from the likes of their competitors and come up as an independent brand.Just like companies, branding applies to individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals too.

Wondering how? Ask me, and I’ll demystify for you what ‘Personal Branding’ is and how even you can be a Brand too! Get my (free/paid) consultation today

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Everyone wants to become a brand. And so do you, right?

“But what’s the right way? What are the actions I need to take? How do I go about building my brand? Help me, Nainil!”

Woah, hold your horses! All that you need to begin with is ‘Personal Branding Secrets’, my eBook where you will have a lot of such questions answered.

In this eBook, I have covered the basics of personal branding, and I’m pretty sure it’s the perfect start for you on your journey to become a brand.

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If you are into the world of business or a professional looking to serve clients and customers, it’s really tough to gain and retain trust. This trust is both in the context of your product or service and you yourself as an individual. So what to do in such a case?

The best way out is to stand out from the competition and be the best in what you do. This is where your brand aids you a lot. You are probably the best person to look up to when it comes to the product and the services you offer.

But there are many others chasing the same fate as you, correct? It’s no less than a game, where you will never win unless you don’t get heard. The efforts you take in building your personal brand is what puts you ahead in the contest

  • You see the results you always wished

  • You get the right people you always wanted to work with

  • You become an authority in your domain of expertise and also the industry

  • You get the right clients and customers for your business

And the revenue?

Well it will have no bounds, now that you are a successful brand!


A brand becomes a brand owing to the audience it caters too. Your audience is what makes and breaks the very existence of your brand. And in today’s scenario, what could be a better way to address your audience than Social Media?

Everyone uses Social Media. Everyone loves to be on Social Media. Everyone likes to engage with content they love or something that adds value to their lives. That is what they look up to as a brand in their view. So how about you become a brand for them as well?

This is how Valuable Content on Social Media can take your Personal Branding game to the next level –

  • By having an omnipresence across various social media channels where your ideal prospects hang out
  • Creating valuable content that helps your audience, educates them, sometimes even entertains them and adds to their overall growth.
  • Being consistent with the content you put out with dedication, perseverance and the right mindset
  • Communicating with your audience, addressing their problems and coming up with viable solutions
  • Utilizing the resources you have in the most optimal way to create content in different formats such as text, audio, video, visual, etc.
  • Making the right use of available data, analysis and audience’s response to refurbish your content to be more accurate, relevant and personalised to your ideal listeners.

…and so much more!

This is just the tip of an iceberg. To explore further, you gotta take that dive in the ocean!

That ocean is what I have named as ‘Personal Branding Secrets’, my very own eBook on personal branding. Get it today, and watch yourself evolving into a brand with every page you turn over and follow along.

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I absolutely mean it when I say ‘A Successful Personal Brand’.

Here are some people I coached, who began the same as you, were at the same place you are now, with the same questions as you have today, and now have become a vocal brand in their respective industries. Listen straight from the horses’

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Do you think you could fit the wall of fame?

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