Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now. It’s important that you start your marketing sooner than later because it buys you time to identify any problems early and find solutions for it.

A marketing system is key in reaching your marketing goals. Marketing should be treated as a process wherein there is an action plan to execute. Without it, producing desirable results is impossible.

In simple terms, business to business marketing refers to the sale of products or services to other organisations, that will eventually resell them while consumer marketing refers to the sale of goods and services to consumers for their own personal use.

Marketing strategies will define how you are going to achieve the marketing objectives you have set for your business and for yourself.

Lead generation is the process of finding individuals who would be interested in a business’ products and services and turn them as actual customers. Lead generation applies to all kinds of businesses.

Absolutely. Marketing consultants, like myself, is always available to help whether it’s a start-up or a family business. Whatever your sector is, I have the experience to help your business to succeed.

Rather than just throwing all my ideas straight away, I take time to listen to your goals. The advice I give is tailored to you and your business needs.

Yes. Before executing any marketing strategy, I will provide a proposal that not only includes an action plan but principles behind every method and idea.

Yes. I give a 30-minute free marketing assessment of your business so we can talk about what you want for your business and how I can help you to get there with your budget.

A marketing plan helps you to turn all your dreams into a reality. Without a sound marketing plan, your marketing efforts could just put to waste. It also allows you to measure the effectiveness of the strategies you will perform for your business.

Marketing action plans usually cover the target market, list of prospects, lead nurturing, funnel automation, my offer as a marketing consultant, and advertising plan.

No, but without one will cause even more problems. A marketing plan helps you identify the things you should work on and are lacking in order to successfully run your business.

Any confidential information must be protected so once we have established the needs of your business, a mutual non-disclosure agreement can be provided.

As soon as we have come to an agreement about your goals for your business and how they will match my capabilities as a marketing consultant, a marketing strategy/plan shouldn’t take too long. Ideally, the plan will take about less than a month.

Yes. We can assist for both short-term and/or long-term marketing projects.

There are many benefits of continuous marketing. The first one is visibility. The more visible you are to your customers or clients, the more you build awareness and trust. Secondly, you build a good reputation because of the content you consistently put out. Thirdly, you will know easily what works for your business and what does not.

I can accept payment trough Paypal and Bank transfers.

I specialize in various industries such as health, food, telecommunications industries, etc.

The contract auto-renews unless the client provides a written cancellation notice 30 days prior to the renewal.

I am also an experienced copywriter who knows how to get customers engaged and take action.

Copywriting is more than just providing content and filling up space—it’s using words to market products and services to consumers.

It is possibly one of the most important aspects of any scope of business because it tells your customers and potential ones what they can expect from you.

Certainly. Your business brand defines and differentiates you from your competition.

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The charge of services depends on the package that you will choose.

Unlike many other agencies out there, we won’t sell you a recycled marketing funnel that looks a whole lot like your top competitors. You can expect from us new ideas about how to build high-performing, value-added marketing funnels that convert would-be customers into brand evangelists.

For a lot of small businesses, they need both consultation and coaching. Coaching will keep you focused on achieving your goals and the consultation will make sure that your strategies are executed correctly and deliver good results.

If your website is user-friendly, your customers will stay longer on your website because it’s easy for them to navigate around it and in turn, you can get more leads and sales.

If you write a blog, you can get more organic traffic in you website. A good quality blog will help your business by converting the traffic into leads and finally buyers of your services and products. Also, posting blogs can increase your web presence and increase your chances of showing up in search engine results page.

Absolutely. If someone searches information on search engines related to your business, you’re webpage would more likely appear in the results. Which means you will get more ideal leads that would surely become customers.

No, it’s not true. A lot of internet users have emails and they spend a lot of time checking their inbox. It’s also one of the most effective way in building relationship with your clients.

It depends on what kind of products or services do you offer and what type of audience are you targeting. I can help you identify the best click-to-action that would suite your website and how and when to post it.

I can work with any sizes but I usually work with small businesses because they are usually who are short on staff of experts.

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I believe both are important for your business. Although, SEO will not give you immediate results unlike PPC, it will eventually greatly affect the traffic in your website.

If you’re a B2B company, you can try posting ads on LinkedIn because you can find a lot of business owners and professional from companies there. If you own a B2C company, you can post ads on Facebook and YouTube where you can find a lot of internet users.

There are a lot of awesome social management tools that you can use. You can easily register all your social media accounts and you can also do all your post in advance and schedule them to be posted at a later date.

It’s important to build relationships to your potential customers as well as current customers. You need to send them updates about your company, promotions, and free contents from time to time. I can help you with identifying the best strategy that you can use to nurture your leads.

Yes, you can access them here.

You need to increase your visibility in your audience by influencing, connecting, and engaging. I can help you plan the specific steps that you can take to get more attention in social media platforms.

Marketing funnels are important in converting your website visitors into leads. You can get more detailed information about your customer’s behavior and habits so your sales team can close deals more easily. It’s also an efficient use of your time because you can have it automated.

Yes, it indeed very easy to buy leads, but the number of customers you can get are really not much. The leads have you have bought does not have any knowledge about your company so when you try to contact them they might not listen to attentively and worst, you become a nuisance and get a bad rep. Lead generation ensure that you get leads that have interest in your company’s products and services and it would be easier to convince them to make a purchase so you get more sales.

You can send a message to me on LinkedIn Nainil Chheda, send me an email at, call me on skype: nainil.chheda, or give me a phone call +12672413796.

I can use several analytical tools in tracking the amount of engagements of your posts.

Copywriting is the best way to get sales and more profit. Also, it takes time to learn how to write an effective copy so while you’re learning, I can do most of the work for you.

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I want to work together with you for a long time but it can’t be helped if you want to stop working with me.